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Choose a package that best fits your needs.

Each package is unique and designed to fit your needs at different levels. If you are unsure which package to select, please click the Let's Chat option to send me a message or fill out the contact form on the home page.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to a happier, aligned, and peaceful life! 

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Discovery Call - 30 Minutes


If you are a new to my coaching programs, this is a good opportunity for us to discuss your needs and figure out which package fits you best! 
Limit one per client.


The Aligned Mother

$1,380-$2,760 USD
3-6 Months, 50 Minute Sessions

Prioritize you so they get the best of you!
The slice of peace every mother needs and deserves! This will provide you tools to navigate your everyday life as a mom, bonus mom, wife, friend, employee, and coworker so that everyone gets the best of you, including yourself. These are some of the things that we will be working on during our sessions: self care, self awareness, self love, limiting beliefs, intrusive thoughts, burnout, overwhelm, overstimulation, setting loving boundaries, expressing and prioritizing wants and needs, forgiveness, setting positive habits and goal development.

Happy Mother's Day

The Aligned Parent

$1,200-$2,400 USD
3-6 Months, 50 Minutes Sessions

How to become a non-reactive parent.
Respond, Don’t React! You are the key to your child’s success. Learning how to become a non-reactive parent starts with you! Strategies include: emotional identification, parent and child’s unmet needs, creating a parenting plan, effective communication, intrusive thoughts, limiting beliefs, trigger identification, overwhelm, overstimulation, and bond strengthening. Together, we will design a parenting plan that helps you respond, instead of react, which will create the calm environment you deserve!

Happy Family Portrait

The Aligned Family

$1,800-$3,600 USD
3-6 Months, 50 Minute Sessions

Strengthen your family bond. 
Learn strategies to improve the flow of your unique family dynamic. Some topics include: effective communication, relationship building, relationship deepening, love languages, forgiveness, emotional regulation, conflict resolution, work- life balance, respect, time management, setting loving boundaries, and creation of a harmonious environment. Every family deserves to coexist in a peaceful, loving, and nurturing environment.

Image by Dylan Sauerwein

The Aligned Blended Family

$1,800-$3,600 USD
3-6 Months, 50 Minute Sessions

Survive your first year blended!
Designed to help you navigate through the first 6-12 months of living life with a multidimensional family. Program topics include all topics listed in the Aligned Family package; as well as, relief from societal pressures, discovering your role in the new family, preserving your identity, priority organization, shifting mindsets, coparenting dynamics, understanding your bonus child, and strengthening and maintaining the family bond.

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