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My Story

Hey! I'm Amanda!

I'm a certified Life Coach! I have been working as a certified life coach for moms and bonus moms all over the world! I am certified through JSCS and the Association for Coaching. 
I was a stay at home mom for two years, and then I worked for corporate America for 10 years. During my career in corporate America, it was brought to my attention that I often acted like a life coach for my coworkers, clients, and suppliers. Not long later, friends and my husband started pointing out that I was basically coaching strangers while waiting in the checkout lines at the grocery store. Once I became aware of this, coaching others quickly became my passion. Later that year, I enrolled in the Jay Shetty Certification School to follow my newfound dream of being a life coach. 
I especially enjoy helping moms and bonus moms because I am a mom and bonus mom to four beautiful babes! Three boys, and a little girl.  I am married to a firefighter/paramedic. In my free time I love to read, hike, craft, and travel with my family. I want to see the whole world!
I have been to many places in the world, experienced many cultures, and had many eye opening experiences. I have also lived in three states! It has shaped me to be the open minded, people loving person that I am today! 
In my practice I use many tools, activities, and techniques that I have developed through my coaching journey and in my own life as a mom! This process is unique to you and designed to help you unlock your personal roadmap and move you quickly towards your peaceful, fulfilling, and happy life!

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